Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And so it begins

Yes, I'm in bed already.

(It's actually late for me).

Per usual, ML is boppin in our common room, I'm in bed, and Baiz is at Fraiche. While those two are off & about, I thought I'd take a few mins to *induct* our 2008-09 Mir-crew.

The Players

Baiz, Basil, Bae, B: This girl is pissed on the field & wants to love you all the time. She offers the world to you every time she speaks, so don't miss a beat. I want you to be able to grow with her as much as I will. Coffee talk w/ B: musiq, art, edgy travels.

ML, Mliz, Mlizzy, Mare: Let the Bop-Master break it down - no rest for the social. I promise she'll bring you room guests, abbrev'n, & shit in your pants. Coffee talk w/ ML: get the goss, h'lthy living, pub crawl.

Lo, Lawa, L: Me! Last day of HS I woke up friends to swim at sunrise & naked FMOTQ is my most epic moment @ Stan. I will invest in you if you let me - I'm a lover and an ally. Coffee talk w/ L: greatness, clubfemme, ethics.

The Stage

Mir 116.

The Game

One year of athletics, meals, goss, coffee, tears (?), laughs! & loving.

I can't wait -- plz share it with us.

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